Saturday, May 10, 2008

116 SB ROMANCE : ‘ Rose, Be My Love ‘

‘ Rose, Be My Love ‘

Cast: Li Ting, Pat Ting Hung, Kwan Shan, Ling Yun
Director : Chin Chien


A loving couple Li Ting and Kwan Shan were separated when a war broke out. Several years later when they met again, Kwan was in a dilemma as he had engaged to Li's best friend, Pat Ting Hung .

To end their relationship, Li eventually accepted Kwan's brother Ling Yun's marriage proposal. However, the latter was later discovered to have contracted an incurable illness......

Li Ting, Pat Ting Hung and Kwan Shan excel in their roles, but young and dashing Ling Yun shines with his impressive performance.

Rating: 3 1/2 stars of 5

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Diane said...

"It's better to have love and lost than not to have love at all"
Li Ting lost her love but found someone to replace her lost love. The
sad part is when she had to give away her beloved child. Poor child! A tear jerker movie!