Saturday, May 24, 2008

187 CREATION : ' Ivy Ling Po - Movies Recap '

' Ivy Ling Po - Movies Recap '

186 HK MOVIE '90s : ' The Moon Warriors '

‘ The Moon Warriors ‘

Type :

One-word description :

Stars :
Andy Lau, Kenny Bee, Maggie Cheung, Anita Mui

Director :
Sammo Hung

About :
When a feud between a deposed emperor and his brother erupted, a country kid was tasked to escort the emperor’s fiancée and never did he expect to fall in love with her in due course …..

Main reason to see this movie :
A great cast with Andy Lau, Kenny Bee, Maggie Cheung and Anita Mui entangled in a web of love ! A spectacular fighting choreography with fantastic effects ! !

Rating :
3 1/2 stars of 5

185 REVIEW : ‘ The Magnificent Concubine ‘

‘ The Magnificent Concubine ‘

Cast : Li Li-hua, Yen Chun
Director : Li Han-hsiang


An emperor was obsessed with his favorite concubine and had left his minister, the concubine’s brother, to run the country. Unfortunately, the cruel minister’s self act had led the empire in shambles …

Ratings : 3 stars of 5

184 SB ROMANCE : ‘ Spring Blossoms ‘

‘ Spring Blossoms ‘

Cast : Yang Fang , Shu Pei-pei , Chin Feng , Essie Lin Chia
Director : Yueh Feng


Two medical students were looking for new lodgings. One soon found a room but was unaware of the marital trap. The house owner had successfully used the room to lure qualified men to marry off to three of her daughters and then, it was time for her fourth daughter. However, the daughter was against the arrangement and thus, had refused to talk to her new tenant…

An entertaining script, interesting dialogue and memorable performance by charming Yang Fan !

Rating : 3 ½ stars of 5

183 STAR : ' Yang Fang '

(38) Yang Fang

Following his success in his first movie ‘ My Dream Boat ‘, handsome Yang Fang starred in a string of melodramas, musical and tearjerkers.

With his ‘Summer Heat’, ‘When The Clouds Roll By’, ‘Torrent Of Desire’, ‘Spring Blossoms’ and many more romance movies, Yang Fang had charmed many moviegoers in the ‘60s …

Friday, May 23, 2008

182 CREATION : ' Romancing Once More '

' Romancing Once More '

181 HK MOVIE '00s : ‘ Infernal Affairs ‘

‘ Infernal Affairs ‘

Type :

One-word description :

Stars :
Tony Leung , Andy Lau

Director :
Andrew Lau

About :
An undercover cop became the right-hand man of a powerful underworld triad for his ruthlessness as a gangster. Meanwhile, a triad spy became the most brilliant police officer and ready to dominate the crime world. The challenge began in a deadly Cat-vs-mouse game .....

Main reason to see this movie :
Best cast ! Best crew ! Best Thriller of 2002 !

Rating :
4 ½ stars of 5

180 SB SWORDSPLAY '80s : ‘ Tiger Killer ‘

‘ Tiger Killer ‘

Cast : Ti Lung , Liu Yong , Wang Ping , Ku Feng
Director : Li Han-hsiang


‘ Tiger Killer ‘ Wu Sung became a constable after his display of bravery. He stayed with his deformed brother and beautiful sister-in-law since then. However , when his sister-in-law tried to seduce him, he decided to leave but warned her to be faithful to his brother …

Ti Lung and Liu Yong exude their charismatic charm in this movie, but Wang Ping and Ku Feng outshine in their roles. Wang Ping’s most daring role as the amorous Lotus Pan won her a ‘Best Actress’ award in a ‘80s film fest. Likewise, Ku Feng won a ‘Best Supporting’ award with his pathetic midget’s role. The best ‘Lotus Pan’ movie in the Chinese cinema to-date.

Rating : 4 stars of 5

179 REVIEW : ‘ The Amorous Lotus Pan ‘

‘ The Amorous Lotus Pan ‘

Cast : Diana Chang Chung-wen, Paul Chang Chung
Director : Chow Sze-loke


The story of a beautiful woman who was forced to marry a midget, and later fell in love with her young and handsome brother-in-law . Her unrequited love had caused her to commit adultery with a local playboy and thus led to a tragic ending…

Rating : 4 stars of 5

178 SB SWORDSPLAY '70s : ‘ Have Sword Will Travel '

‘ Have Sword Will Travel '

Cast: David Chiang, Ti Lung, Li Ching, Wang Chung
Director: Chang Cheh


Two swordsmen were torn by their love for the same woman while transporting a gold shipment on a perilous journey where there were many traps set by notorious robbers …..

A classic wu xia movie ! Engaging performances from the leads and epic swashbuckling style wu xia actions. Of particular note is David Chiang's cool loner role who fights for the love of one woman. Thumps up !

Rating : 4 stars of 5

177 STAR : ' Wang Chung '

(37) Wang Chung

He was masculine, intense and fearless.

His bombastic fighting skill was always dazzling in his movies.

He was the cool actor in Shaw Studio… Wang Chung!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

176 CREATION : ' Jimmy Wang Yu vs Cheng Pei Pei '

' Jimmy Wang Yu vs Cheng Pei Pei '

175 TAIWAN ROMANCE: ‘ Birds Are Singing Everywhere ‘

Birds Are Singing Everywhere ‘

Cast : Lin Ching-hsia , Liu Wen-zheng , Ma Yong-lin
Director : Liu Wei-pin


A pretty and capable entrepreneur spent most of her time on her business developments and her only beloved young sister who was in high school. Thus she had neglected to look up for her better half.Once the young sister saw a newspaper advertisement about match-make of a millionaire's grandson. She instantly wrote in on behalf of her sister but little did she expect to have unconsciously fallen for the prince charming in due course ......

A light-hearted comedy ! A refreshing cast with Brigitte Lin and Liu Wen Cheng ! Beautiful songs by Seow Li-choo.

Rating : 3 ½ stars of 5

174 SB SWORDSPLAY '70s : ‘ The Golden Sword ‘

‘ The Golden Sword ‘

Cast : Cheng Pei-pei, Kao Yuan
Director : Lo Wei


While searching for his missing father, a noble swordsman met the love of his life and got married. Shortly after, he was abducted by followers of a notorious clan, the “Dragon Gate Palace” who had left behind a precious sword, a sword that was missing ever since the disappearance of his father. Then it was time for his spouse to start the quest …

Interesting plot but the movie could be better with more actions in the finale. Cheng Pei-pei in her usual flair, played a swordswoman in the quest for her kidnapped husband . Kuao Yuan, kinda amusing to see him to play a heroic role.

Rating : 3 stars of 5

173 SB MUSICAL : ‘ Whose Baby Is In The Classroom? ‘

‘ Whose Baby Is In The Classroom? ‘

Cast : Li Ching , Peter Chen Ho
Director : Inoue Umetsugu


When a bachelor teacher adopted an abandoned baby at a strict girls’ school, rumors spread within the vicinity that an unmarried schoolteacher might be the mother. ……

A mismatch cast! Li Ching is young and looks weird as a bespectacled teacher. Peter Chen Ho is sick and old as a ‘youthful’ bachelor. Nevertheless, this hilarious musical comedy is pleasant for entertainment.

Rating : 2 ½ stars of 5

172 STAR : ‘ Peter Chen Ho ‘

(36) ‘ Peter Chen Ho ‘

Peter Chen Ho , an established comedic actor with the nickname ‘ King Of Comedy ‘ in the ‘60s .

His scholarly appearance made him the most favored actor in many musicals like ‘ Hong Kong Nocturne ‘ , ‘ Hong Kong Rhapsody ‘ , ‘ The Millionaire Chase ‘ …

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

171 CREATION : ' Ti Lung In Actions ! '

' Ti Lung In Actions ! '

170 MUSIC BOX : 風雨無阻

Back to the old skool ...

... ' 風雨無阻 ' (emil chou)

... ' 花心 ' (emil chou)

169 HK MOVIE '90s : ‘ SWORDSMAN II ‘


Type :

One-word description :

Stars :
Jet Li , Brigitte Lin

Director :
Chen Xiao-tung

About :
An usurper that hunger for power had castrated in order to master a legendary martial arts . Then he met a swordsman who intended to ruin his plan to reign supreme in the martial world and unexpectedly , the latter fell in love with the feminine “him” .....

Main reason to see this movie :
A ‘90s megahit that shot Brigitte Lin to stardom once again with her male impersonation in this movie. The fighting choreography and special effects are just FANTAAAASTIC !

Rating :
4 ½ stars of 5

168SB SWORDSPLAY '80s : ‘ Buddha's Palm ‘

‘ Buddha's Palm ‘

Cast : Derek Yee , Candice Yu , Alex Man , Lo Lieh
Director : Taylor Wong


An orphan was imparted with a powerful ‘ Buddha's Palm ‘ skill by a master by chance. Then he headed out to get a legendary dagger to avenge for his master. While vying with other clans for the dagger, he met two swordswomen who were in the quest …

A remake of the ‘60s canto-pop fantasy wu xia pian with plentiful of energy-blasting special effects …

Rating : 4 1/2 stars of 5

167 REVIEW : ' The Enchanting Shadow '

' The Enchanting Shadow '

Cast : Betty Loh Ti , Chao Lei
Director : Li Han-hsiang


A beautiful phantom was under the control of a vicious demon to harm men. With the help of a wandering swordsman, she finally broke free from the demon's clutches ...

Ratings : 2 stars of 5

166 STAR : ‘ Betty Loh Ti ‘

(35) ‘ Betty Loh Ti ‘

With her two classics movies ‘ The Enchanting Shadow ‘ and ‘ The Dream Of The Red Chamber ‘, Betty Loh Ti had firmly established her reputation as a mega star and the ‘Classic Beauty’ in the ‘60s.

With her role in ‘ Love Eterne ‘, she won a ‘ Best Actress ‘ award at the 2nd Golden Horse Film Fest.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

165 CREATION : ' Ivy Ling Po Special '

' Ivy Ling Po Special '

164 MUSIC BOX : ' 快乐崇拜 '

My favourite MVs ...

... ' 快乐崇拜 ' ( wilber pan )

... ' 壁虎漫步 ' ( wilber pan )

163 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ Impetuous Fire ‘

Impetuous Fire ‘

Cast: Alan Tang, Candice Yu
Director: Lo Mar


A young convict was sentenced to death but had escaped from the prison. On that very night, he met a tourist, a beautiful girl. She was only eighteen, yet had contracted an incurable disease. The two young ones fell in love at the first sight and had only seven days to be together …. .

Watch this movie for pretty Candice Yu and charming Alan Tang. The plot is ridiculous and pace is deliberate; but the songs are wonderful .

Rating: 2 stars of 5

162 SB ROMANCE : ‘ Dead End ‘

‘ Dead End ‘

Cast : Li Ching, Ti Lung , David Chiang
Director : Chang Cheh


A star-crossed lovers whose relationship was opposed by the gal’s family. The brother went on to harass and threaten the guy until he retaliated and a tragedy happened ……

Ti Lung’s first lead role as a rebellious and anti-social youth . Li Ching in her usual damsel-in-distress role. A deliberately paced and minimum actions movie that relates the social themes of a disengaged youth.

Rating : 2 stars of 5

161 SB SWORDSPLAY '70s : ‘ Intimate Confessions Of A Chinese Courtesan ‘

‘ Intimate Confessions Of A Chinese Courtesan ‘

Cast : Lily Ho , Yue Hua , Betty Pei Ti
Director : Chu Yuan


A constable was assigned to investigate several murders and the prime suspect was a renowned prostitute. Further investigations revealed that she was an abducted girl, forced into prostitution and had resorted to use her sexual powers to seek revenge against those that had tormented her …

Lily Ho’s most daring role, caught in a web of sex and murder…

Rating : 4 stars of 5