Wednesday, May 21, 2008

166 STAR : ‘ Betty Loh Ti ‘

(35) ‘ Betty Loh Ti ‘

With her two classics movies ‘ The Enchanting Shadow ‘ and ‘ The Dream Of The Red Chamber ‘, Betty Loh Ti had firmly established her reputation as a mega star and the ‘Classic Beauty’ in the ‘60s.

With her role in ‘ Love Eterne ‘, she won a ‘ Best Actress ‘ award at the 2nd Golden Horse Film Fest.


Diane said...

No wonder why Betty Le Di was crowned the "classic beauty" of the modern world, she had the kind of beauty that can mesmerized people. Her melancholic smile added a mystery to her whole being. She was also a very versatile actress, I love all her movies.

ivan said...

Me too, diane, I love and enjoy her movies.

ivan said...

New York Times review on Love Eterne:

"The leading players are also fascinating. Betty Loh Tih as the girl—the one who poses as a fellow—is nice to look at, even when she's standing still."