Monday, May 19, 2008

157 SB ROMANCE : ‘ Sex, Love And Hate ‘

‘ Sex, Love And Hate ‘

Cast : Lily Ho , Yueh Hua , Ching Li , Ling Yun , Tsung Hua , Hsu Feng , Chin Feng
Director : Chu Yuan


The romances of three women: a nightclub hostess, a singer and an air-stewardess.

The nightclub hostess ran away from home just to be with her poor lover. The singer fell in love with a mysterious man whom she had met at a pub. The air-stewardess had an affair with a married man.

They were of different backgrounds but fated to stay under one roof to share their ups and downs ...

Great cast , excellent performances from all leads but weak plot and deliberated pace ! The familiar theme song by Frances Yip was heard in another Chu Yuan's movies ‘The Forbidden Past’ .

Rating : 2 1/2 stars of 5


Diane said...

Three different ladies but the same fate, their love lives did not end happily.

Amelia said...

The plots revolving the 3 couples were far more mundane. Nonetheless, a great cast shown in this melodrama. LiLi Ho was absolutely exquisite with her beautiful brown eyes, hair do and a selection of fashionable wardrobe! Ching Li , however, seemed to have landed another pathetic role as an unfortunate 'live-in' mistress of Lin Yun.

All in all, individual situations and emotions attending these 3 couples were all credible but slightly lack a powerful dramatic resonance to my taste.