Wednesday, July 2, 2008

285 CREATION : ' Shake, Rattle and Roll with Shaw Stars '


Rattle ...

and ...

Roll ...

With Shaw Stars ...

284 SB KUNG FU : ‘ The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin ‘

‘ The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin ‘

Cast : Gordon Liu , Wang Yu , Lo Lieh
Director : Liu Chia-liang


A patriotic student joined the anti-Qing clan and thus led to his family being killed by Manchus, He escaped to the Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts in order to avenge their death….

Gordon Liu’s patented monk image with fierce and solid martial arts !.

Rating : 5 stars of 5

283 REVIEW : ‘ The King With My Face ‘

‘ The King With My Face ‘

Cast : Li Ching , Shin Yung-kyoon , Lim Song Ho
Director : Ho Meng-hua


The twin sons of an emperor were separated at very young age. Years later, the elder son grew up to be a noble warrior but the younger son became a debauched ruler, When the twins met again, the ruthless ruler ordered his sibling face to be hidden by an iron mask ...

Rating : 4 ½ stars of 5

282 SB SWORDSPLAY '60s : ‘ The Swordmates ‘

‘ The Swordmates ‘

Cast : Chin Ping , Tsung Hua
Director : Chang Ying


While a security escort team was away on a mission to deliver a previous treasure, his rivals attacked his clan. Thus, the daughter of the escort service leader swore vengeance so as to restore the honor to her family name …

Rating : 2 ½ stars of 5

281 K-POP : ‘ The Classic ‘

A k-movie …


Cast : Son Ye-jin , Jo Seung-woo , Jo In-seong

Synopsis :

Two college female students Ji-hae and Soo-kyoung both fell for their handsome schoolmate Sang-min. The sporty Soo asked Ji to write him a love letter on her behalf, thus the latter expressed her true feelings for him on paper in her friend’s name. Upon reading the letter, Sang was attracted to Soo and soon Ji became distress and tried to avoid him …

While Ji-hae was cleaning her attic one day, she found a secret box; a box in which her mother Joo-hee kept the memorabilia of her first love of some decades past ….

Back in the memory lane, during one summer vacation, young Joo-hee met a guy Joon-ha who was visiting his uncle’s home in the countryside.

At the first sight, Joon-ha fell in love with the sweet and gentle girl. Before he could confess his love, his best classmate Tae-su requested him to write a love letter to his dream girl who turned out to be Joon-ha beloved one …

Rating : 4 ½ stars of 5

Sunday, June 29, 2008

280 CREATION : ' Romancing Once More II '

Romancing Once More II ...



279 SB FANTASY : ‘ Mighty Peking Man ‘

‘ Mighty Peking Man ‘

Cast : Danny Lee , Evelyne Kraft
Director : Ho Meng-hua


A team of Indiana Jones-style adventurers decided to locate a giant ape-like creature in the Himalayas. They set off on the perilous journey where there were stampeding elephants and wild tigers along their way into the wild. As there was no sight of the said creature after several months, the team withdrawn from the mission except one member who was left alone in the jungle …

Fast paced, action packed and most of all, Danny Lee’s memorable performance!

Rating : 4 stars of 5

278 SB SWORDSPLAY '80s : ‘ The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter ‘

‘ The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter ‘

Cast : Fu Sheng , Gordon Liu , Kara Hui , Wang Yu
Director : Liu Chia-liang


The Yang warriors fought fiercely with the Mongols in a war and were massacred except the Yang’s fifth and sixth son. The fifth son went into hiding at a monastery, determined to master his martial arts skills and seek revenge. The sixth was driven crazy during the event. However the two survivors were on hot pursuit by the Mongols …

Another Liu Chia-liang’s masterpiece of kung fu flick , but superstar Fu Sheng’s last and incomplete movie !

Rating : 4 stars of 5

277 SB MUSICAL : ‘ The Shepherd Girl ‘

‘ The Shepherd Girl ‘

Cast : Julie Yeh , Kwan Shan
Director : Lo Chen


A turbulent romance between a passionate shepherdess and a charming boatman ! When the shepherdess’ father was in a heavy debt, a rival suitor cleared his debt with a condition to marry his daughter…

Rating : 4 stars of 5

276 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ Run Lover Run ‘

Run Lover Run ‘

Cast : Lin Ching-hsia, Alan Tang, Liang Siew-sheng
Director : Chen Yao-Chi


A tomboyish college student loved all kinds of sports ranging from tracking, swimming and basketball to mountain climbing. Thus her meddlesome mother started to worry for her daughter had many male athlete classmates but no suitors. When she learned that her son’s friend had graduated from overseas and would return soon, she devised a plan to match-make the potential suitor with her daughter …

A romantic gem! An utterly entertaining comedy!

Rating : 4 stars of 5