Thursday, June 5, 2008

236 STAR : ‘ Tsung Hua ‘

(41) ‘ Tsung Hua ‘

Tender as in his first lead movie ‘ Ripples’,

Romantic as in his tear-jerker ‘ Lovers Destiny ‘,

Sexy and passionate as in his erotic film ‘ Sexy Girls From Denmark ‘.

At times, he could be fearless as in his wu xia pian ‘ Killer Clans ‘.

A versatile actor in Shaw Studio -- Tsung Hua .

235 SB KUNG FU : ‘ The Bastard ‘

‘ The Bastard ‘

Cast : Tsung Hua , Lily Li
Director : Chu Yuan


While venturing into the martial world in search for his family, a nameless young man saved a spunky beggar from some villains who intended to take advantage of her. The villains soon realized his resemblance to their master’s son who had committed murder and jailed, thus they plotted to make him a scapegoat …

A sentimental kung fu flick for Tsung Hua is in one of his best roles to play good and evil twins brothers.

Rating : 4 stars of 5

234 SB SWORDSPLAY '70s : ’ The Golden Seal ‘

’ The Golden Seal ‘

Cast: Tsung Hua, Wang Ping
Director: Tien Feng


A notorious villain killed a swordsman to snatch his treasure, the ‘Golden Seal’ but to no avail. The treasure was kept with the young son who had fled from the enemy’s pursuit. Many years later, the son had grown to become a refined swordsman. While on his way to revenge for his father’s death, he encountered three swordswomen , one of which was a maiden-in-disguise ….

3 stars awarded for the stars power and the fighting choreography. 2 stars demerit for the disappointing finale .

Rating: 2 1/2 stars of 5

233 SB DRAMA : ‘ Sexy Girls Of Denmark ‘

‘ Sexy Girls Of Denmark ‘

Cast : Tsung Hua , Li Ching
Director : Lu Chi


A young man was on a business trip to Denmark. Upon arrival, three competing companies who wanted to obtain distribution rights from his company received him. Henceforth, the young man experienced a cross-cultured exploit with the liberal Danish babes who tried ways and means to seduce him in order to clinch the business deal. There was only one overseas Chinese girl in Denmark that was able to save him from his own blind lust ……

2 ½ rating for the stars power … Tsung Hua and Li Ching !

Rating : 2 1/2 stars of 5

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

232 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ The Diary of Di-di ‘

‘ The Diary of Di-di ‘

Cast: Tien Niu, Chin Han

Director: Chen Yao-ching


A story of a college student : her infatuation with her married mentor , her relationships with her family , her love affairs and eventually her courage and confidence to overcome her fear of being crippled after a car accident.

Tien Niu won many ‘Best Actress” awards in different film fests with her title role. She gave an impressive performance especially in the finale.

Rating : 3 1/2 stars of 5

231 SB KUNG FU : ‘ Shaolin Mantis ‘

‘ Shaolin Mantis ‘

Cast : David Chiang, Huang Hsing-hsiu
Director : Liu Chia-liang


The son of an imperial official was sent by the emperor to gather information about a plot to overthrow the government. Disguised as a scholar, he successfully became a tutor to the daughter of the coup plotters. Little did he expect to fall in love and marry her …

Huang Hsing-hsiu is not only pretty and adorable, but has displayed surprisingly good martial arts skills. David Chiang is equally impressive with his fighting skills especially with many different weapons. The script is quite well done except for the finale.

Rating : 4 stars of 5

230 SB KUNG FU : ‘ The Condemned ‘

‘ The Condemned ‘

Cast : David Chiang , Tsai Hung , Pai Ying, Lily Li, Hu Chin
Director : David Chiang


A newly hired guard was framed for the murder of his employer and thus put to prison. The mastermind of the murder sent a sly pickpocket to jail with an intent to poison the wronged guard.. Little did he expect that both the guard and pickpocket became good friends and together escaped from the jail ….

David Chiang has proven himself not only a fine actor but also an accomplished director who presents a solid plot with quality actions in this movie.

Rating : 3 ½ stars of 5

229 SB KUNG FU : ‘ The Imposter ‘

‘ The Imposter ‘

Cast : David Chiang , Chen Kwan-tai , Danny Lee , Wang Chung
Director : Pao Hsueh-li


A young guardsman was ambushed while on a mission to escort money to his destination. He was later charged for murder and robbery. To prove his innocence, his brother approached a renowned chivalrous knight for assistance in hopes of bringing the elusive culprit to justice.…

Rating : 2 ½ stars of 5

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

228 HK MOVIE '90s : ‘ The Tigers ‘

‘ The Tigers ‘

Type :

One-word description :

Stars :
Tony Leung , Andy Lau , Felix Wong , Michael Miu , Ken Tong

Director :
Eric Tsang

About :
A crime squad started to unravel when one corrupt member decided to keep the loot retrieved from an anti-narcotics mission. While his team was in custody for ICAC’s interrogation , they were also threatened by the mastermind who set them up …

Main reason to see this movie :
The one and only one memorable movie starred the ‘80s pop TVBI ‘5 Tigers’ .

Rating :
3 1/2 stars of 5

227 SB SWORDSPLAY '70s : ‘ Clans Of Intrigue ‘

‘ Clans Of Intrigue ‘

Cast : Ti Lung , Yue Hua , Ling Yun , Li Ching , Nora Miao
Director : Chu Yuan


Three notable swordsmen were found dead and suspected being poisoned by some deadly ‘ Spirit Water ‘ stolen from a secluded palace. No one except the famed stealer, swordsman Chu Liu-hsiang, had the ability to steal it from the palace. Thus, he became the prime suspect of the murders and theft ….

A successful Ku Lung adaptation ! Intrigue plot, quality choreography, superb performances from all leads !

Rating : 4 1/2 stars of 5

226 SB SWORDSPLAY '70s : ‘ Legend Of The Bat ‘

‘ Legend Of The Bat ‘

Cast : Ti Lung , Derek Yee , Ling Yun , Yue Hua , Ching Li , Candice Yu , Liu Yong
Director : Chu Yuan


A sequel to ‘ Clans of Intrigue ‘ !

A swordsman-in-distress sought for a rare medicine to cure his wife. Only one , the mysterious owner of a notorious ‘ Island Of The Bats ‘, had the medicine but he demanded for the head of a leading swordsman Chu Liu-hsiang in-exchange. Henceforth, the desperate swordsman attempted to kill Chu but failed. Upon understanding the cause of the attack, Chu decided to travel to the ‘Island Of The Bats ‘ and meet the mysterious owner ‘ Prince Of The Bats‘ ….

A Ku Lung adaptation with intriguing twists and turns …

Rating : 4 stars of 5

225 SB DRAMA : ‘ The Empress Dowager ‘

‘ The Empress Dowager ‘

Cast : Ti Lung , David Chiang , Lisa Lu , Hsiao Yao
Director : Li Han-hsiang


During the reign of Emperor Kwan Hsu, the 20-year-old emperor attempted to reform for more efficient government. However, his mother, Empress Dowager who controlled the fate of the country behind the scence, oppressed him….

Rating : 3 1/2 stars of 5

Monday, June 2, 2008

224 MUSIC BOX : ' 祝你一路順風 '

Back to the old skool ...

... ' 祝你一路順風 ' ( nicky wu )

... ' 煙火 ' ( nicky wu )

223 SB SWORDSPLAY '60s : ‘ Lady of Steel ‘

‘ Lady of Steel ‘

Cast: Cheng Pei-pei, Yue Hua
Director: Ho Meng Hua


A young swordswoman was on her mission to protect the country and battle the invaders. She was also to find the murderer who had massacred her family . With the assistance of a roughish head of a beggar clan, she eventually accomplished her tasks simultaneously …

Cheng Pei-pei and Yue Hua have definitively the x-factors to make this a successful and entertaining thriller with their rooftop leaping, improbable balancing on branches and great deal of traditional swordplay.

Rating : 3 stars of 5

222 SB MUSICAL : ‘ Hong Kong Nocturne ‘

‘ Hong Kong Nocturne ‘

Cast : Cheng Pei-pei , Lily Ho , Chin Ping , Peter Chen Ho , Ling Yun
Director : Inoue Umetsugu


A magician had three daughters; two of them left him after they discovered their father had squandered all their earnings on a dance hostess. The eldest daughter flew to Japan in the hope to become a movie star and the youngest joined a ballet school to pursue her dream of a ballerina . Only the second daughter was with him to continue his magician performance in a club ….

A light weight and colorful tune fest from the swinging ‘60s !

Rating : 3 stars of 5

221 SB ROMANCE : ‘ Song of Orchid Island ‘

‘ Song of Orchid Island ‘

Cast : Cheng Pei-pei, Paul Cheung
Director : Pan Lei


A doctor went to a backward island to locate for his father's whereabout and was attracted to a local nurse ......

Young Cheng Pei-pei played an adorable uncivilized nurse and Paul Cheung as the cool doctor. Their kissing scene in a cave was just … FUNNY ! However, it was unbearable to see too much emphasis on the uncivilized Yamis tribe’s traditions and beliefs that had made the movie slow paced and bored.

Ratings : 1 star of 5

Sunday, June 1, 2008

220 CREATION : ' Silver Screen Heroes '

Shaw Bros

' Silver Screen Heroes ' 3-In-1 ....

See gentle Chang Yi turns tough ...

patriotic Jimmy Wang Yu turns furious ...

Ti Lung turns fiery ...

219 SB SWORDSPLAY '60s : ‘ The Silver Fox ‘

‘ The Silver Fox ‘

Cast : Lily Ho , Chang Yi , Yu Hui
Director : Hsu Cheng-hung


A swordswoman nicknamed ‘ Silver Fox ‘ was tasked to take revenge on the man who hurt her family. However she failed in her first attempt and that aroused her father’s suspicions of her disloyalty and imprisoned her …..

Rating : 2 ½ stars of 5