Wednesday, June 4, 2008

231 SB KUNG FU : ‘ Shaolin Mantis ‘

‘ Shaolin Mantis ‘

Cast : David Chiang, Huang Hsing-hsiu
Director : Liu Chia-liang


The son of an imperial official was sent by the emperor to gather information about a plot to overthrow the government. Disguised as a scholar, he successfully became a tutor to the daughter of the coup plotters. Little did he expect to fall in love and marry her …

Huang Hsing-hsiu is not only pretty and adorable, but has displayed surprisingly good martial arts skills. David Chiang is equally impressive with his fighting skills especially with many different weapons. The script is quite well done except for the finale.

Rating : 4 stars of 5

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Amelia said...

In this wuxia action thriller, David's mission was to unveil the names of the revolts to the Emperor, and save his beloved family members from imprisonment and execution. As such, he was not genuinely head over heels in love with his wife.

I find the title of this movie misleading as there was no connection whatsoever with "Shaolin" stories. Still, it's a movie that I would watch again just to get my veins filled with adrenaline rush with those fantastic and agile 'mantis' kung fu fights beautifully demonstrated by David Chiang in 'mantis' costume! How explicitly filmed!

That young pretty actress as David's wife, Hua Hsing Hsiao was very talented. She's wonderfully solid and substantial as a female Kung Fu fighter. Besides, she was funny, lively and rude.

The ending is alarmingly unexpected! It was a complete and utter shock and shamble to see David's hard work came to nothing!