Wednesday, October 8, 2008

425 CREATIVE ARTWORKS : ' The Banquet '

My creative artworks ...

for Daniel Wu's movie ......

' The Banquet ' -

424 HK MOVIE '70s : ‘ The Magnificent Butcher ‘

‘ The Magnificent Butcher ‘

Type :
Kung Fu

One-word description :

Stars :
Sammo Hung, Wei Pai, Yuen Piao
Director :
Yuen Woo-ping

About :
A country bumpkin, together with his wife, came to town to look for his brother. Their arrival caught the attention of a local rascal who had a crush on the wife. Thus, he lured them into a trap and kidnapped the wife. It was then up to the hotheaded brother to power his way and fight overwhelming odds to rescue her ….

Main reason to see this movie :
One of Samo Hung’s finest martial arts performance and director Yuen Woo-ping’s classic masterpiece!

Rating :
4 stars of 5

423 SB KUNG FU : ‘ Tales Of A Eunuch ‘

‘ Tales Of A Eunuch ‘

Cast : Wang Yue, Gordon Liu
Director : Hua Shan


A chief royal eunuch caught a witty rascal during an anti-Qing revolutionary. The latter managed to escape but ended in masquerading around as a eunuch in the palace and exposed to many secrets from within …

Rating : 3 ½ stars of 5

422 SB MUSICAL : ‘ Intrigue In Nylons ‘

‘ Intrigue In Nylons ‘

Cast : Ching Li , Tien Ching
Director : Kuei Chih-hung


In view to improve the sales of her father’s stocking company, a beautiful oversea graduate treacherously joined her father’s competitor as a secretary. Her intent was to gather information about his success to the outstanding increase in sales. Nevertheless, she soon fell for the young competitor ….

Rating : 2 ½ stars of 5

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Li Mao Shan - 李茂山

My favourite Li Mao Shan’s music :

1) 庭院深深

2) One Last Night

3) 星夜\的離别

4) 愛你一萬年

5) 綠島小夜曲

and many more ...

1) 庭院深深

2) One Last Night

3) 綠島小夜曲

Sunday, October 5, 2008

420 STARBUZZ : David Chiang in ' Young People'

Self-made posters ...

A Shaw Brothers Classic ...

' Young People ' - 輕人

Cast : David Chiang , Ti Lung , Chen Kuan-tai

419 SB KUNG FU : ‘ How To Choose A Royal Bride ‘

‘ How To Choose A Royal Bride ‘

Cast : Derek Yee, Joey Wong, Wang Yue
Director : Lu Jun-ku


A maiden-in-disguise traveled to the town of Jiang-nan to avoid her pre-arranged royal marriage to young Emperor Kang-xi. Never did she expect to meet Kang-xi who was also traveling incognito as a wealthy businessman with his two aides around the country for some excitements …

Rating : 3 ½ stars of 5

418 HK MOVIE '90s : ‘ C'est La Vie, Mon Cher ‘ - 新不了情

C'est La Vie, Mon Cher - 新不了情

‘Type :

One-word description :

Stars :
Anita Yuen, Sean Lau Ching Wan

Director :

Derek Yee

About :
A tale of a girl who lived in poverty and saddled with leukemia. However her positive attitude towards life led an embittered jazz musician to ditch his overwhelming self-pity and let go of his ex-relationship. When he fell for her and wrote her a great pop song to sing, the tragic disease strikes ….

Main reason to see this movie :
This movie won 6 awards in a film festival (1994) including the followings:

Best Picture

Best Director (Derek Yee)
Best Screenplay (Derek Yee)
Best Actress (Anita Yuen)
Best Supporting Actor (Paul ChIn)
Best Supporting Actress (Fung Bo Bo)

Rating :

4 stars of 5

417 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ The Story Of The Small Town ‘ - 小城故事

‘ The Story Of The Small Town ‘ - 小城故事

Cast : Joan Lin , Kenny Bee
Director : Li Hsing


An ex-convict came to a small town to learn a handcraft from an old sculptor. He came to know his mute daughter and soon they fell in love. Then came a hooligan who had a crush on the mute and wanted to harass her one-day …

A multi-awards winning movie which includes 'Best Actress' (Joan Lin), 'Best Picture', 'Best Screenplay' and 'Best Child Actor' .

小城故事 … 林凤娇,钟镇涛

一个刚出狱的青年,立志重新生活, 并寻访昔日狱中老友,跟他学习木雕技艺. 在淳朴的小镇, 青年与老友之哑女展开一段错综复杂的恋情 …

纯朴清新动人的故事情节 , 钟镇涛、林凤娇反璞归真的出色表演 , 优美动听的配乐歌曲 … 让本片荣获第16届金马奖最佳剧情片,最佳女主角,最佳童星,最佳原著剧本4项大奖 。

Rating / 评价 : 4 stars of 5


Teresa Teng - 鄧麗君

My favourite Teresa ’s music :

1) 又見炊煙

2) 原鄉人


1) 又見炊煙

2) 原鄉人

3) 月亮代表我的心