Saturday, January 31, 2009

546 DRAMA : ‘ You’re MY Destiny ‘ - 命中注定我愛你

A 2008 top-grossing Taiwan Idol Drama Serial …

Youre MY Destiny ‘ - 命中注定我愛你

Cast :

Ethan Ruan as Cun Xi
Joe Chen as Xin Yi
Bianca Bai as Anna
Baron Chen as Dylan


A simple, naïve and easy-going girl Xin Yi planned a cruise holiday with her philandering boyfriend , hoping to tie him down by giving herself to him on that very night. She ended up getting drunk and got into the wrong room.

Meanwhile, a wealthy and handsome guy Cun Xi was also on the same cruise planning a marriage proposal to his ballerina sweetheart Anna. When the latter did not turn up, Cun Xi felt disgruntled and became disorientated after consuming a drugged drink. He returned to his room where Xin Yi was and a series of accidental occurrences and mistaken identities resulted in a night of passion for Xin Yi and Cun Xi.

When both were unable to forget their biggest mistake of their lives, they were shocked to find out Xin Yi’s pregnancy a month later. With no other options, they were forced to get married by Cun Xi's grandma and Xin Yi was forced by Cun Xi to sign an agreement to leave his family after she gave birth to their baby .

When Cun Xi began his life with Xin Yi, his most beloved Anna returned from States to Taiwan …

‘命中注定我愛你 … 阮經天 , 陳喬恩

欣怡為了挽回花心男友,花費大把旅費上’愛之船‘ 旅



青年才俊的陌生人紀存希發生一夜情 …

Rating / 评价 : 4 stars of 5