Wednesday, July 23, 2008

315 CREATION : ' Romancing Once More IV ... Chen Chen Romance '

Romancing Once More IV...

Chen Chen Romance ...



使我陶醉 ...



我心扉 ...

314 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ The Wild Goose On The Wing ‘

‘ The Wild Goose On The Wing ‘

Cast : Lin Ching-hsia , Chin Han , Ma Yong-lin , Xie Ling-ling

Director : Liu Li-li


Upon her graduation in UK, a girl returned to Taiwan to investigate the cause of her sister’s death. Rumors spread far and wide about her sister being jilted by her boyfriend and thus committed suicide. Henceforth, she devised a revengeful scheme on her prime suspect …

Another adaptation of Qiong Yao’s novel ! Dashing performances from the leads especially Lin Ching-hsia in her dual roles.

Rating : 3 ½ stars of 5

313 SB KUNG FU : ‘ The Shadow Boxing ‘

‘ The Shadow Boxing ‘

Cast : Wang Yu, Huang Hsing-hsiu, Gordon Liu
Director : Liu Chia-liang


A fugitive evaded his nasty foe by hiding in a vampire herd, pretending to be one of the vampires. The vampires were to be transported to their respective families for burial. Thus, on his perilous journey where there were many authorities waiting to capture him, he had to fight the overwhelming odds…

Another great work of director Liu Chia-liang, one with horror, humor and actions !

Rating : 4 stars of 5

312 SB SWORDSPLAY '70s : ‘ King Eagle ‘

‘ King Eagle ‘

Cast : Li Ching , Ti Lung
Director : Chang Cheh


A wandering swordsman by chance learnt of the identity of the killer who had assassinated a clan’s master. He did not meddle in the clan’s affair until he met and fell for one of the clan’s leaders…

Simple plot! Spectacular swordplay! Well executed actioner !

Rating : 4 stars of 5

311 HK MOVIE '90s : ‘ Dragon Inn '

‘ Dragon Inn '

Type :

One-word description :

Stars :
Brigitte Lin , Maggie Cheung , Tony Leung , Donnie Yen

Director :

Raymond Lee

About :
A ruthless usurper executed an opposing official and ordered to destroy his clan. Thus, many patriotic heroes came to the rescue and all ended up stranding at a deserted and notorious inn, the” Dragon Inn” which was operated by a seductive and cunning lady …

Main reason to see this movie :
This ’90s remake of King Hu’s classic ‘ Dragon Gate Inn ‘ has been infused with stunning fighting and beautiful acting . The cinematography is visual astounding.

Rating :
3 1/2 stars of 5

Sunday, July 20, 2008

310 CREATION : ' Ti Lung Special '

Shaw Brothers

' Ti Lung Special ' . . .

Joy . . .

Anger . . .

Sorrow . . .


309 SB KUNG FU : ‘Vengeance ‘

‘Vengeance ‘

Cast : David Chiang, Ti Lung, Wang Ping
Director : Chang Cheh


When a Perking Opera performer discovered his flirtatious wife’s affair with a corrupt official, he threatened the latter not to get near her; thus provoked the official to set a trap to kill him. It was then the performer’s younger brother to get revenge for his brother’s death ….

Double bliss for Chang Cheh and David Chiang who won the ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Actor’ awards with this brotherhood theme action flick ‘ Vengeance ‘ .

Rating : 3 ½ stars of 5

308 SB SWORDSPLAY '60s : ‘ The Knight Of Knights ‘

‘ The Knight Of Knights ‘

Cast : Chiao Chuang, Lily Ho, Li Ching
Director : Hsieh Chun


Six heroic brothers intruded a monastery to investigate the truth of the goings on within. Unfortunately, all of them fell into the booby traps set by a ruthless gang of outlaws. Then it was up to their toughest brother Wen Su-chen to fight overwhelming odds …

Rating : 2 1/2 stars of 5

307 REVIEW : ' The Love Eterne '

‘ The Love Eterne ‘

Cast : Betty Loh Ti , Ivy Ling Po
Director : Li Han-hsiang


A famous folk tale about a maiden who was yearn for education and had disguised herself as a man in order to attend school. There she met a dashing young man and they swore ‘brotherhood’. For three years, she was secretly in love with him but he was not aware of her true identity …

Rating : 5 stars of 5

306 HK MOVIE '90s : ' The Lovers '

‘ The Lovers '

Type :

One-word description :

Stars :
Nicky Wu , Charlie Yeung

Director :
Tsui Hark

About :
A maiden-in-disguise met her Prince Charming in a school. When love blossomed between the two, she was called back home to marry an important official …

Main reason to see this movie :
’90s remake of SB classic ‘ The Love Eterne’ ! Breathtaking cinematography and heartbreaking performances by the leads !

Rating :
4 ½ stars of 5