Sunday, July 20, 2008

307 REVIEW : ' The Love Eterne '

‘ The Love Eterne ‘

Cast : Betty Loh Ti , Ivy Ling Po
Director : Li Han-hsiang


A famous folk tale about a maiden who was yearn for education and had disguised herself as a man in order to attend school. There she met a dashing young man and they swore ‘brotherhood’. For three years, she was secretly in love with him but he was not aware of her true identity …

Rating : 5 stars of 5


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ivan said...

"The jewel in the crown of the Shaw Brothers’ studio". This lavish huangmei diao movie received the following awards at the Second Golden Horse Awards(1963):
Best Film
Best Director: Li Han Hsiang
Best Actress: Betty Loh Ti
Special Award For Outstanding Performance: Ivy Ling Po
Best Music: Zhou Lan-Ping
Best Editing: Chiang Hsing-loong

terence said...

This movie looks the worst on my large LCD TV amongst my Celestials. I don't think Celestial remastered it from the original negatives. This is a crying shame as this movie is quintessential Ivy Ling Po. Can I expect a Blu-Ray disc of this movie in future with hopefully better picture quality?

Amelia said...

I noticed similar problem with the slightly blur and occasional 'paused' images on my 68cm flat screen TV too!

PC luv PP said...
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ivan said...

"...And there's a lot in it that it fascinating. The settings and costumes are absolutely exquisite, and they are beautifully photographed in a quality of color that our best Hollywood films seldom match. The richness of the furnishings and fabrics, the silken intricacy of the things the characters wear and the superb ingenuity of the hair styles continue to cause astonishment and delight.

The leading players are also fascinating. Betty Loh Tih as the girl—the one who poses as a fellow—is nice to look at, even when she's standing still. And Ivy Ling Po, who in the traditional Chinese fashion, plays the man, does a rather amusing impersonation, aided somewhat by her Clark Gable ears."

The New York Times Review

yee1joyce said...

Well, this one movie definitely set the "Gold Standard" for huangmei movies, due to the lavish attention that SB paid in making it. This includes having the rest of SB's studio shut down, and all directors help out Li Han Hsiang, the many dozens of people who sang each chorus for the songs in this movie...Chou Lan Ping was superb in his adaptation of huangmei melodies to more modern music, no wonder this movie captivated Taiwan audiences so much.

Of course, let's not forget the outstanding performances by both Ivy and Betty Loh Ti. The movie brings out the two characters' personalities so well, it's amazing to think that Li Han Hsiang and King Hu basically made up the script as they shot scenes each day! The emotional depths expressed by both Zhu and Liang as the story develops into a tragedy is unmatched in most other SB huangmei movies.

Here's to both Ivy and Betty Loh Ti, the eternal "brother Liang" and "Zhu Yingtai". Admittedly, I haven't seen the other movie "The Lovers" also reviewed on this site!