Friday, September 19, 2008

395 STARBUZZ : ' Blood Brothers '

Self-made posters ...

A Shaw Brothers Classic ...

' Blood Brothers ' -

Cast : David Chiang, Ti Lung, Chen Kuan-tai, Ching Li

Thursday, September 18, 2008

394 HK MOVIE '80s : ‘ Fatal Love ‘

‘ Fatal Love ‘

Type :

One-word description :

Stars :
Leslie Cheung, Cherie Chung

Director :

Leong Poh Chi

About :

An advertising executive fell in love with a mysterious lady who he met by chance. It was not a simple case of romance for she was the mistress of a triad leader and thus, the ill-fated couple embarked on a dangerous path fraught with mystery and intrigue when their affair was revealed …

Main reason to see this movie :
A good mix of suspense, horror, actions and romance ! A show case for Leslie Cheung !

Rating :

3 stars of 5

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

393 CREATION : Shaw Brothers '60s ~ '70s Swordplay Classics

Shaw Brothers ...

" '60s ~ '70s Swordplay Classics "



原来世界竟然这么小 ....


392 SB SWORDSPLAY '60s : ‘ Killer Dart ‘

‘ Killer Dart ‘

Cast : Chin Ping , Yueh Hua
Director : Ho Meng-hua


A master swordsman decided to settle down for a peaceful life with his son and adopted daughter, a lone survivor of his evil disciple’s murder spree. Years later, his archrival and his evil disciple resurfaced in the martial world. The latter intended to mislead the adopted daughter to believe that her foster father was the murderer of her family and instigated her to seek revenge ….

Rating : 2 ½ stars of 5

391 SB KUNG FU : ‘ The Anonymous Heroes ‘

‘ The Anonymous Heroes ‘

Cast : David Chiang, Ti Lung, Ching Li
Director : Chang Cheh


In a turbulent era of the Chinese revolution, a secretive rebel leader arrived in town with a mission to steal a large consignment of rifles, ammunition and transport them to his counterparts in the south. With the aid of three anonymous heroes, they set off to execute their impossible mission …

A 1971 top ten blockbuster ! Another Chang Cheh’s remarkable classic !

Rating : 4 stars of 5

Sunday, September 14, 2008

390 STARBUZZ : Shih Sze in ' The Deadly Breaking Sword '

Self-made posters ...

A Shaw Brothers Classic ...

' The Deadly Breaking Sword ' - 風流斷劍小小刀

Cast : Ti Lung, Fu Sheng, Shih Sze

389 SB SWORDSPLAY '80s : ‘ The Swift Sword ‘

‘ The Swift Sword ‘

Cast : Wang Yue, Ling Yun, Lo Lieh, Niu Niu, Lily Lee
Director : Ho Meng-hua


An adaptation of Jin Yong’s novel ‘ Sword Stained With Royal Blood ‘ !

A righteous general’s family was massacred by the Ming Emperor, but his only son managed to escape death. Years later, the son grew up and yearned for revenge. Once he discovered a secret manual and a treasure map in a hidden cave …

Rating : 3 1/2 stars of 5

388 SB DRAMA : ‘ The Golden Buddha ‘

‘ The Golden Buddha ‘

Cast : Jeanette Lin Tsui , Paul Chang
Director : Lo Wei


A millionaire’s daughter possessed one priceless and mythical ‘Golden Buddha’ statue that was passed down by her late father. There was a secret behind the statue, which featured a hidden treasure, thus spurred on a ruthless and evil ‘ Skeleton Gang’ to snatch the statue …

Rating : 3 stars of 5

387 HK MOVIE '00s : ‘ Hooked On You ‘

‘ Hooked On You ‘

Type :

One-word description :

Stars :
Eason Chan, Miriam Yeung

Director :

Law Wing-cheong

About :

Two fish mongers in a market developed an on-off relationship. She was approaching 30 and was keen to settle down, but definitely not a hawker because of her high expectation in life. To him, the market was his present and future ….

Main reason to see this movie :
Nothing glamorous nor fantastic but just a simple romance that walks one down a memorable lane through the different phases of Hong Kong from 1997 to 2007. Both the leading artistes are superb.

Rating :

4 stars of 5


Eason Chan - 陳奕迅

My favourite Eason's movies :

1) Hooked On You

2) Funeral March

3) Brothers

My favourite Eason's music :

1) 愛情轉移

2) 十年

1) 愛情轉移

2) 十年