Tuesday, September 16, 2008

393 CREATION : Shaw Brothers '60s ~ '70s Swordplay Classics

Shaw Brothers ...

" '60s ~ '70s Swordplay Classics "



原来世界竟然这么小 ....



gordonofeast said...

yo, i have seen some of those old school movies … '12 gold medallions' and 'invincible fist' are good .... thank you for awesome post!

Diane said...


yee1joyce said...


Thanks very much for your latest mv about these classic SB wuxia movies. I just recently saw "Come Drink With Me" and enjoyed the performances of Cheng Pei Pei and Yueh Hua very much. How do you feel these classics compare to more contemporary wuxia...? Or is that a fair question? Once again, thanks for another trip down memory lane of SB famous wuxia movies!


Stevyn said...

I love the song! Sang by Jimmy Lim. Your MV is marvelous, Lawrence. Thank you. I wonder where can I find the movies, feel like watching them.

lawrence said...

Hi Joyce,

The '60s wu xia films were rather deliberated paced... Every movements were depicted in details as obvious in King Wu's 'Come Drink With Me' and Chang Cheh's 'The Golden Swallow'.

Thanks to Chang Cheh, the '70s wu xia films began to pack with more fast and furious classic hack-em and slash-em fighting choreography and lots of heroic bloodshed. One of his remarkable masterpiece was 'The New One-armed Swordsman'.

In the mid-'70s, it was director Chu Yuan who had brought Ku Lung's popular novels to life with exciting swordplay, twist-n-turn plots, gorgeous costumes and the period's biggest Shaw stars all in one film. The most popular films were 'Killer Clans' and 'Clans of Intrigue'.

Then in the '90s, Jet Li's 'Swordsman II' stirred a new wave for wu xia films with fantastic fighting choreograhpy and special effects. Lin Ching-hsia had once again shot to stardom with her male impersonation in this classic .

Hi Stevyn,

Yes, Jimmy Lin sang this song. As for the source of these old school movies, perhaps you could try to look out at TS outlets.. However, many classics were already out-of-stock.