Tuesday, May 20, 2008

165 CREATION : ' Ivy Ling Po Special '

' Ivy Ling Po Special '


terence said...

Some of the colour stills you selected are rare. I have either seen them once a long long time ago or not at all. Well done Lawrence! You deserve a big hug from Diane. Wait till she sees it!

Amelia said...


You are a real genius!Bravo! Love all the pictures of Ling Po and the background music too.....A perfect match!

Diane said...

You are right Terence, Lawrence did an excellent job!!! You have invested so much of your precious time in making this wonderful blog, that's really awesome! You deserve a big hug! Lawrence, we appreciate your brilliant work!!!

yee1joyce said...


Thanks so much for this one about Ivy, it is wonderful, enjoyed the many photos from some of her movies, plus posters and commentary... Ivy has made so many different types of movies, but hasn't always been recognized as a glamorous SB star. Some times she has been overshadowed by other stars such as Loh Ti, Li Ching and Lily Ho.

Thanks for the great tribute to Ivy!