Saturday, May 24, 2008

183 STAR : ' Yang Fang '

(38) Yang Fang

Following his success in his first movie ‘ My Dream Boat ‘, handsome Yang Fang starred in a string of melodramas, musical and tearjerkers.

With his ‘Summer Heat’, ‘When The Clouds Roll By’, ‘Torrent Of Desire’, ‘Spring Blossoms’ and many more romance movies, Yang Fang had charmed many moviegoers in the ‘60s …


Amelia said...

Heis one of my male screen idols and I have all his movies except "The Orchid" and "Love Song Across The Sea.

Yang Fan was a genuinely good looking man and always dressed with impeccable finesse in most of his movies. He truly excelled in "My Dream Boat". His towering performance undeniably ruled this film and hit at the hearts of many fans past and present.

However, it was sad and hard to believe he spent most of his life after film career in a asylum.

Sadly, he passed away in the hospital surrounded by his asylum friends.

Diane said...

Yang Fang looked like a perfect gentleman!

ivan said...

Yes, an impressive gentleman, alright!