Wednesday, May 21, 2008

167 REVIEW : ' The Enchanting Shadow '

' The Enchanting Shadow '

Cast : Betty Loh Ti , Chao Lei
Director : Li Han-hsiang


A beautiful phantom was under the control of a vicious demon to harm men. With the help of a wandering swordsman, she finally broke free from the demon's clutches ...

Ratings : 2 stars of 5


Diane said...

I normally shun ghost stories but I'm really enchanted by this movie because Betty Le Di and Chao Lei delivered such excellent performances. The story plot is so extraordinary that it would really let one believe that ghosts do exist. Brrr... the eerie music behind the scene let you get the creep! You should see the "real face" of the old witch. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

terence said...

This one made me sleep. Obsolete special effects do not help.Maybe it should have been filmed as a huangmei opera. Betty Loh Tih has not shaved her eyebrows yet in this early movie. So she hasn't acquired that Zhu Ying-tai look.

wee lock said...

I really like Huang Mei Diao movies, especially the Shaw ones. And Loh Ti is such a classic beauty (in spite of the eyebrows!).

Thank you Lawrence for posting so many old time favorites.

It will take me forever to go through all the interesting pictures and clips you have.

Terence, appreciate your alerting me to this blog!


Amelia said...

I have seen this movie only once 2 years ago and I haven't re-spun the disc ever since. Betty was pretty and eerie........and looked elegant in her black and gold-rimmed costume throughout the whole film.

However, she gave an amateurish performance here. Could it be it was her debut horror movie or perhaps the lousy script had sent the audience to zzzzzzz! The sound effect of the spooky music with 'howling wolf ' also failed to stimulate adrenaline flowing!