Sunday, May 18, 2008

148 STAR : ' Wang Yu '

(32) Wang Yu

Upon graduation from Shaw Brothers training course, Wang Yu ‘s first lead role was a precocious teenage in a contemporary drama ‘ Thirteen ‘.

He achieved stardom only after Liu Chia-liang's directed movie ‘ The Spiritual Boxer’ .

Henceforth, he starred in many kung fu films ' ; The Shadow Boxing ', ' The 36th Chamber Of Sholin ', ' Dirty Ho ' , ' Executioners From Shaolin ' ….


Diane said...

It's sad that Wang Yue died early leaving some of his good old movies as his legacy.

terence said...

It is reported that he was so depressed over Fu Sheng's death that he resorted to drugs and drink to numb the pain. That's how his addiction started. in 1983. He entered drug rehabilitation centres in both HK and Taiwan in an effort to clean up his act.
But isn't it sad that his ex-Sjaw colleagues shun and avoid him instead of offering support?

Diane said...

"Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry you cry alone" this is the society where we live, if you are successful, you have many friends, but if you fail, you are all alone. It's really very sad!