Saturday, May 31, 2008

214 SB ROMANCE : ‘ The Forbidden Past ‘

‘ The Forbidden Past ‘

Cast : Ching Li , Ling Yun , Tsung Hua
Director : Chu Yuan


On a Christmas eve, a handsome seaman met a woman at a bar. As he resembled her husband who had abandoned her and her son, she requested him to pose as her husband to fulfill her son’s wish of spending a Christmas with his father ….

A sentimental movie with an open-ended finale !

Rating : 2 ½ stars of 5

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Amelia said...

"Forbidden Past" is indeed an intriguing, heart-tugging story. Despite it is well acted by Ching Li and Lin Yun, the finale remains mysteriously inconclusive.

The screenplay is extracted from the renowned novelist, Yi Ta who often leaves the fate of his characters up to the imagination of his readers.

In this story, is the seaman, Mr. Lao (played by Lin Yun)Ching Li's long-lost husband, Paul???

The answer is NO from me because:

1)From the time Ching Li and Mr. Lao (Lin Yun) meet in the night-club till they part at the pier, there isn't any slightest indication from Mr. Lao that he has ever met her before.

2)Ching Li and her husband, Paul(who incidentally bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Lao) know each other extremely well from childhood. And Paul truly loves her and is only forced to abandon her by his parents after he leaves Hong Kong for oversea studies. Thus, in my opinion, Mr. Lao should have shown some sort of excitement and sentiment when he first sees her at the night-club but that doesn't seem to be the case.

3)Moreover, he has no recollections of that beach-house (where they consummated) owned by the architect either. Once again, that's a bit strange if he's truly her long lost husband.

In truth, Mr Lao is a rare, indulgent gentleman who's rapt by Ching Li's heart-rending story and tries to fulfill her son's Xmas wish come true: i.e.meeting his long lost daddy!

Also, in regard to the large sum of cash he gives her, well, I think after spending 24-48 hours with her and her son, he has grown attached to them emotionally and genuinely wanted to help.

Now, on the other hand, let's say if Mr Lao is in fact her long lost husband, Paul and why doesn't he recognize her???

Well, hypothetically speaking, Mr. Lao could have had an accident and becomes amnesic about his past romance with Ching Li.

Or Mr. Lao could be her long lost husband's twin brother. If this is the case, then perhaps, we should consider producing an amusing sequel to this movie, eh?:)