Wednesday, May 28, 2008

202 SB DRAMA: ‘ Sexy Playgirls ‘

‘ Sexy Playgirls ‘

Cast : Li Ching , Tsung Hua , Lin Wei-tu , Chen Ping
Director : Lu Chi


To pay for her sister’s medication, a damsel-in-distress decided to marry an old dying rich man . After his death, she felt emptiness and soon found herself infatuated with a handsome singer . When she discovered the relationship of the singer and her sister, she turned to a ruthless sadist ….

Li Ching shows her versatility to take on a daring role. Tsung Hua and Lin Wei Tu ably supported her. This girl is not sexy but a tragic character instead !

Rating : 2 ½ stars of 5

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Amelia said...

I am quite impressed with the plots and Li Ching's performance in "Sexy Playgirls".

It's amazing with enough intellect, drive and versatility, one can achieve remarkable output.Li Ching delivers several character-roles superbly from an understanding sister to a venomous psychotic, not to mention her sexy, seductive erotic part as a sexy playgirl.

I find the finale scene where Li Ching is playing hide and seek with one her lusty ruffians stupid. Perhaps, Director's effort to flag some adrenaline-surge scenes proves equally doomed.