Thursday, May 29, 2008

207 SB SWORDSPLAY '70s : ‘ Lady With A Sword ‘

‘ Lady With A Sword ‘

Cast : Lily Ho, James Nan
Director : Kao Pao-shu


A heroic swords woman searched for the culprit who had murdered her sister. She was in a dilemma when she discovered the murderer was her fiancé. Complications aroused with the intervention of her future mother-in-law who shielded her spoiled son from being harm …

Lily Ho delivers a remarkable performance as the embittered ‘Lady With A Sword’ ; James Nan shines as the lecherous, spoiled brat. Excellent plot with the classic hack-em, slash-em fighting choreography.

Rating : 3 1/2 stars of 5

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Amelia said...

I have watched LiLi Ho’s “A Lady with a Sword” and it’s not as bad as I originally expected. The film does live up to its title with simple plots and outstanding swordplay.

In “A Lady With A Sword”, the plight follows a lady (played by LiLi Ho) with intent to avenge her sister’s death and much to her dismay, her enemy is in fact her childhood sweetheart.

As a consequence, she pulls out at all limits to bring him to justice instead of killing him. Unfortunately, things spiral out of control and she has to kill him off…………….

LiLi Ho and the child star (? Name) occupies most of the screen time. LiLi Ho has the kind of looks that takes people’s breath away: so young, so pure, so striking with her tall, lithe figure. Her nephew’s fighting talent is also incredibly fearless and imaginative!

I will also take my hat off to Director Kao Boh Szu who generally warms scenes up with her solid, substantial and effervescent vitality. From what I knew her as a kind, understanding, soft spoken teacher’s wife in “Love Eterne” to a complete human iceberg in “The Female Prince” and now highly commendable as a pioneer in female directorship.

With the era of liberal feminism, the theme is clear: whatever a man can do, so can a woman. Given the ongoing debate on the equal rights for men and women in the early 70s, this film no doubt makes timely viewing!