Thursday, May 29, 2008

206 SB KUNG FU : ‘ The Casino ‘

‘ The Casino ‘

Cast : Lily Ho , Yue Hua , Chin Feng
Director : Chang Tseng-chai


A courageous youth used his gambling skills to avert the vice and rid his wife’s casino of tricksters . Once he had humiliated a conman who later joined forces with the devious gambling crooks and the corrupt authorities to get rid of him ….

Lily Ho looks glamorous but not a big role ; Yue Hua shines as the righteous fighter . A fascinating thriller with lots of bloodshed and violent fights in the finale.

Rating : 3 ½ stars of 5


Amelia said...

I bought Lily Ho and Yeh Hua's "The Casino" a couple of months ago. Watched it a few nights ago and surprisingly, it's quite a good showcase.

LiLy Ho looked pretty as usual but very sadly, she was viciously murdered. Yeh Hua's performance earned another utter "wow" from me. He demonstrated his outstanding performance as a righteous gentleman who opposed the highs and lows caused by gambling.

The script was good in exposing modern society as a moral wasteland, enslaved to the mighty dollars and corruption.

A pleasing feature was the sight of Chin Fong as a supporting cast whose humanitarian disposition prompted him to save his best friend (Yeh Hua) from innocent execution.

However, it's not an entirely cheerful finale because it's like "Don't Cry For Me" from Yeh Hua who was determined to die for what he believed in: Stop Gambling!

Diane said...

This movie has a moral lesson behind it: to stop gambling- like Amelia mentioned and Yueh Hua died for that cause. He stood firm on his belief and his principle and paid a great price for it, he was a martyr! A brutal ending for a conviction!