Tuesday, May 27, 2008

196 SB ROMANCE : ‘ King Drummer ‘

‘ King Drummer ‘

Cast : Lily Ho, Ling Yun, Yang Fang
Director : Inoue Umetsugu


A talented seaman was hired as the replacement to a leading drummer of a band who had joined a rival group. Soon he succeeded as a top drummer, which led to the jealousy of his predecessor who decided to set upon him, break his arm and challenge him in a nation-wide contest. With only one arm, the talented guy put on a tremendous performance by his solid voice with his good drumming …

A showcase for handsome Ling Yun. This movie has a young and gorgeous cast , some terrific drumming set pieces and dynamic music that will thrill the viewers .

Rating : 3 stars of 5


Amelia said...

I always like Yang Fang and as such, I bought this movie solely in memory of him. He looked very young, refreshing and was incredibly talented in this movie.

In fact, I was very impressed by his spoken English. The last scene of him standing in front of the orchestra as a conductor with his baton is beyond one's admiration. So handsomely and professionally tuxedoed, he just gave his best shot.

LiliHo is as usual, looked pretty with her 'trademark' wig. Her manageress role is nothing but ordinary.

Lin Yun's portrayal as a 'king drummer' needed some mention, though. He showed he was a capable actor who could deliver whenever a role was called for. He delivered a top 10 performance as a drummer, but unfortunately, lacked a powerful resonance in his singing.

Yet, his most impressive performance was the scene in which he remonstrated in vain that he too was entitled to equal love and affection from his mother, actress Kaw Po Su.

Diane said...

A story full of intrigue. I just couldn't understand how a mother could be so callous and unloving to one son and so loving and caring to the other! Like Amelia, I'm impressed with Yang Fang's fluency in English. He looked very attractive and neat unlike Ling Yun who played the rough and rugged brother. It will surely bring tears to your eyes if you could see how hard Ling Yun did to win his mother's affection.

terence said...

I thought Angela Yu Chien's role was meatier than Lily Ho's.

By the way Amelia, that's Lily Ho's real hair in this film.

It is also for Yang Fan that I reasure this film.