Monday, May 26, 2008

193 SB SWORDSPLAY '70s : ‘ Duel For Gold ‘

‘ Duel For Gold ‘

Cast : Ling Po , Wang Ping , Lo Lieh , Chen Chun , Chin Han , Tsung Hua
Director : Chu Yuan


A gang of four robbers planned to rob a money bureau. Two of them had disguised as acrobat girls and sneaked into the bureau for medical aids when one was wounded intentionally. However, a bureau escort noticed their evil intent and challenged them in a fierce fight …

Great cast! Dashing performances! Intriguing plot! Wonderful fighting choreography!

Rating : 3 1/2 stars of 5


Amelia said...

The title amazingly fits the storyline very well. They all will die for "MONEY", i.e. including Ling Po and Chin Han.

"Money" or "Gold" in this instance seems to have overridden love between husband and wife, siblings and friends.

Diane said...

"Money, money, money,must be funny in a rich man's world" ABBA put it to words and song. Well, this movie is all about acquisition of gold, by hook or by crook! It's betrayal and dishonesty among those people involved. A terrible ending with many twists and turns.