Friday, May 30, 2008

212 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ Love In A Cabin ‘ - 白 屋 之 恋

Love In A Cabin ‘

Cast: Chen Chen, Alan Tang
Director : Pai Ching-rui


A tragic romance of a young student and an elderly damsel-in-distress. Owing to their age disparity, the guy’s father disapproved of the relationship and pleaded the gal to leave him.Being pressurized, she finally decided to marry her cousin but later she discovered that it was part of his evil scheme to break them up ...

Chen Chen and Alan Tang are perfect as they have always that x-factors between them. Wonderful songs by Jenny Tseng and Liu Jia Chang. Great adaption from Yan Xin's renowned novel.

白 屋 之 恋 … 甄珍 , 邓 光 荣


Rating / 评价: 3 ½ stars of 5

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Diane said...

Chen Chen and Alan Tang both looked young and crisp in this movie. Alan Tang played the boyish, innocent victim of Chen Chen's cousin played by Chiang Ming. I like that little wooden hut, it's rather small but it has everything inside, very cute! The songs are fantastic, the story is good however the ending is too tragic!