Saturday, May 17, 2008

143 STAR : ‘ Chin Ping ‘

(31) Chin Ping

Chin Ping’s blazing persona was perfect for period piece dramas.

Over the several years of her film career, she starred in many films.

Her first film was the huang mei opera ‘ The Crimson Palm ‘, then the wu xia film ‘ The Magnificent Trio ‘, the rollicking comedy ‘ The Millionaire Chase ‘ …

Her last film with Shaw Studio was a tearjerker ‘ The Price Of Love ‘.


Diane said...

To me, Chin Ping is not only a very beautiful lady, she possessed the feminine charm, grace and timidity (although some claimed that she is not what she looks). I like her movies because she has gotten the "it" factor that charmed every movie goer. I wish someday Celestial Pictures will remaster her two SB movies: "Swan Song" and "Rainbow".

terence said...

Chin Ping may look delicate but when necessary, she can be a very fierce swordswoman like in The Twelve Gold Medallions. With that face, she can also of course play a damsel in distress or a romantic lead too. She's a versatile actress.