Tuesday, May 13, 2008

127 SB MUSICAL : ' The Singing Thief '

‘ The Singing Thief ‘

Cast : Lily Ho, Jimmy Lin Chong, Lo Lieh, Essie Lin
Director : Chang Cheh


An ex-jewel thief started afresh as a professional singer after his imprisonment. When a series of jewels robberies blown out in town, he again became the prime suspect. Henceforth, he decided to track down the mastermind ……

Lily Ho is gorgeous and Jimmy Lin Chong is charming. However, the stars’ power cannot help the lousy plot and atrocious actions. Only impressions are the few unforgettable songs, in particular the song “Diamond”.

Rating: 2 stars of 5


terence said...
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terence said...

Lily Ho changes her looks in this movie like a chameleon.So I don't regret buying this on DVD. But when she is off-screen, I take 40 winks. Jimmy Lin Chong's singing is an acquired taste but at least he sings with passion.The fight scenes at the end of the movie are very dark on VCD and impossible to watch. So I had to upgrade to a DVD.