Sunday, May 11, 2008

118 SB MUSICAL : ‘ Sweet And Wild ‘

‘ Sweet And Wild ‘

Cast : Li Ching, Lin Yun
Director : Wu Chia-hsiang


A spunky young village girl had clashed with some hooligans.

Once she bumped into a fisherman and mistook him for one such hoodlum. That began their countless conflicts, which unconsciously had led them into a love trap. However, due to their pride and stubbornness, they refused to admit their true feelings until a hooligan in the village proposed marriage to that sweet and wild girl ….

With her vivid acting and winning smile, Li Ching easily shines in this show. Ling Yun too , steals the show as a rigid and stubborn fisherman. A fun musical slapstick with a few wonderful san ker , in particular ‘ The Harvest Song ‘….

Rating : 2 1/2 stars of 5


Diane said...

Why is this movie called "Sweet and Wild"? Li Ching played a sweet young village maiden, there must be a mistake, she was not wild at all, it was the gang of Kang Wei who was wild. It should be called "Sweet and the Hooligans"!

Amelia said...

"Sweet & Wild" is faaaan-tastic! It provoked giggles and outbursts of laughter from the beginning to end.

Audiences like to go to comedies to laugh and de-stress and this is exactly the right antidote for that! So, if you haven’t seen this, I highly recommend this delightful, hilarious comedy-drama.

From the beginning, I was already fascinated by the cute pretty Li Ching introducing the names of the cast…….Perhaps that was just the beginning of showing us how cheeky, spunky and carefree Hsiao Fang (played by Li Ching) was.

To be honest, I was expecting “Sweet and Wild” to be banal and just like the other ‘sangker’ movies like “The Sphered Girl” and “Songfest”. Much to my amazement, it’s an intelligent and frequently witty film, bristling with terrific ‘sangker’ melodies and unexpected modern ‘rock and roll’ music and lyrics!

An amusing feature is the sight of the lyric competition between a dozen of these rich, spoilt-rotten hooligans, who were bumping, grinding, swiveling hips singing and doing all the modern rock-n-roll songs and moves, right in front of the conservative village opponents. The sudden switching of rock-n-roll music to that of sangker is resolutely unpredictable and entertaining! It’s undeniably a smart, creative innovation of Director Wu Chia-hsiang.

Li Ching and Lin Yun are an enticing couple here as Hsiao Fang and Ma Ta-hai. The chemistry between them boasted credence in this bitter-sweet romance between the 2 young lovers who constantly are at each other’s throats because they are both stubborn, both smart and both deny their true feelings for each other.

Last but not least, I must say a few words about actor Li Kun. He’s forever blessed with his innocent and mischievous talent as seen in “3 Smiles” and a few others.