Friday, May 16, 2008

142 SB KUNG FU : ‘ The Chinese Boxer ‘

‘ The Chinese Boxer ‘

Cast : Jimmy Wang Yu, Lo Lieh, Wang Ping
Director : Jimmy Wang Yu


A villain was defeated by a kung fu master and driven out of his hometown due to his misconduct. Many years later, he returned with some Japanese karate experts for revenge. In the ensuing battle, the master and his disciples were killed, except for one who was knocked out during the combat. The survivor was later trained on “Iron Palm” kung fu and ready to challenge the villains to a duel....

Jimmy Wang Yu's great directorial debut made this a box office champion during its first theatrical release in the '70s; absolutely amazing and stunning classic !

Rating : 4 1/2 stars of 5


Diane said...

Patriotism, loyalty and chivalry are the three words that appropriately described this movie. Lo Lieh with his red-hair wig, made him look so ridiculous! Wang Yu was good as a kung fu fighter, avenged his master's death in the end! A definitely must see movie!

Amelia said...

Despite I stated previously that I wasn't a big fan of Wang Yu (after watching Scarlet Maid series), well, there's no denying that "The Chinese Boxer" may have changed my mind.

"The Chinese Boxer" is actually smartly scripted, directed and acted by Wang Yu himself. Eminently impressive with his agile martial arts skills: real arm punches and deadly kicks, not to mention his training sessions with roasting hot sand pebbles!

One performance worth noting too is Loh Lieh as his opponent, with display of 'brunette' hair-do and unique 'Japanese' martial arts.

Wang Ping looks very pretty in this movie. She is absolutely exquisite with her huge brown eyes and delicate features.

"The Chinese Boxer", however, may not be the right choice of everyone's movie because it is a blood-soaked tale with several trademarks: intense bursts of violence, Loh Lieh's expressionless downcast face and truck-loads of carnage!