Wednesday, May 14, 2008

131 SB ROMANCE : ‘ A Place To Call Home ‘

‘ A Place To Call Home ‘

Cast : Li Ching , Margaret Hsing Hui , Yen Chun
Director : Wu Chia-hsiang


The Chang’s family had 3 daughters of different personalities. The second daughter, being jealous of her parents love for her elderly sister, maliciously revealed to her that she was an adopted child. Shocked and disappointed, the pathetic adopted sister started her quest for her biological parents …

A miscast for Li Ching to play a teen student … Margaret Hsing-hui is as usual that arrogant and snobbish … The outstanding is Yen Chun as the stressful father in dilemma …

Rating : 2 ½ stars of 5

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Diane said...

I had mixed up this movie with the movie "Susanna" because Li Ching was in both films, but the story was vice versa of the other: Li Ching was a spoiled brat in Susanne and In "A Place to Call Home" she was the nice daughter. At least this one has a happy ending, that's what is important for me!