Thursday, February 19, 2009

569 HK MOVIE '80s : ‘ Wild Search ‘ - 伴我闯天涯

A '80s HK Romance Thriller ...

Wild Search ‘ - 伴

Cast : Chow Yun-Fatt , Cherie Chung , Roy Cheung
Director : Ringo Lam


While on an assignment to protect a four year-old girl from some vicious gunrunners after she had witnessed her mother's murder, a cop fell for the girl’s young aunt with whom she stayed in her home in a quiet rural village. As their relationship blossomed, the aunt’s ex-husband returned and made everything unpleasant. Then came the murderous gunrunner …

伴我闯天涯 …周润发 , 钟楚红 , 张耀扬



默认了二人之间的爱情 …



Rating / 评价 : 3 ½ stars of 5

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