Wednesday, February 18, 2009

568 SB ROMANCE : ‘ Till The End Of Time ‘ - 何日君再來

A '60s Romance Classic ...

Till The End Of Time ‘ -

Cast : Jenny Hu , Peter Chen Ho , Paul Chang
Director : Chin Chien


A young composer met a nightclub singer in an accident and fell in love. He married her despite his rich father’s objection. Soon he experienced the tough life and never did he expect the physical exhaustion to cause him lose his eyesight. His wife thus began afresh as a singer and when she had established her popularity in the showbiz, her guilt-ridden husband left ….

何日君再來 … 胡燕妮 , 陳厚 , 張沖

一音樂家不理家人反對 , 和一歌女秘密結婚。生活迫人以

致音樂家雙目失明,妻子重披歌衫而走紅 …

Rating / 评价 : 4 stars of 5


Diane said...

I always associate Peter Chen Ho to musical comedy and funny roles, this one is different, it's one of his rare serious role. He's one of my favorite SB stars. As I have mentioned before, Jenny Hu never impressed me in any of her movies. I like the story plot of this movie, and I bought it because of Peter Chen Ho.

terence said...

I have never been fond of Peter Chen Ho but in this movie, he is tolerable. Jenny Hu's acting can be wooden in some movies but not in this one. It's surprising since this is her debut. This is a touching movie that can be rewatched often if only for the beautiful songs sung to perfection by Tsin Ting.