Tuesday, February 17, 2009

567 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ Secret ‘ - 不能说的秘密

A 2007 Taiwan Romance ...


Cast : Jay Chou , Guey Lun-mei
Director : Jay Chou


A budding musical genius Lun joined a music school and met a gal Yu who was playing a mysterious piano solo in the music room. They soon became intimate friends but when Lun asked Yu to meet him in the music room one day, she did not turned up and never showed up again. It seemed that Yu had disappeared from the world …

不能说的秘密 … 周杰伦 , 桂纶镁

一谱动人的乐章, 奏开了一段最真挚的爱情 …



约会后, 小雨消失于小伦生活之中…….  

Rating / 评价 : 4 stars of 5


Andrea said...

This is definitely an ACE movie for its beautiful art direction, cinematography and music. The story is simple and easy, yet it is so sweet, interesting and touching. Highly recommended!

Diane said...

This movie is a science fiction a la "Back to the future", "Time Machine" and "The Lake House" all put together in one. I needed to watch twice to be able to understand what it was all about. Thanks Lawrence for your recommendation, I really enjoyed this movie. I wish there will be a sequel to this movie because Xiao Yu died of asthma but the "story" was changed by Xiang Lun after he discovered how to travel in time to save his lover.