Sunday, February 15, 2009

564 HK MOVIE '00s : ‘ Ip Man ‘ - 葉問

A 2008 Hong Kong Movie ….

Ip Man ‘ -

Cast : Donnie Yen , Gordon Lam , Fan Siu-wong
Director : Wilson Yip


A Chinese martial arts practitioner Ip Man led a carefree life in Foshan (China) until one day when Japan invaded China. His life was thus disrupted but his martial arts skills had impressed a Japanese general who demanded him to train his soldiers. Ip Man rejected him and that annoyed the general to challenge him to a duel ….

葉問 … 甄子丹 , 林家棟 , 樊少皇

中日戰爭爆發 , 出身富裕之家的葉問, 帶著妻兒逃難,當上



Rating / 评价 : 4 ½ stars of 5


Stevyn said...

Excellent Kung Fu movie from Hong Kong after so many years. Worth watching for the actions.

Andrea said...

This movie is definitely a collector's item for the plot, direction and action are just too good to miss. One of the best movie in 2008 !!

gordonofeast said...

This is an outstanding action movie depicting a story of a real life Chinese hero Ip Man. The director did a great job to grab and hold the audience from start to final gut-wrenching finish. FANTASTIC !