Monday, February 16, 2009

566 CREATION : 2009 SB Martial Arts Classics .. 2009 邵氏功夫经典

A Lawrence Tan Film ...

2009 SB Martial Arts Classics ..

2009 邵

A tribute to the martial world, with great movies of Gordon Liu , David Chiang , Fu Sheng , Chen Kuan-tai and many more …

36th Chamber Of Shaolin 少林三十六房

5 Shaolin Masters 少林五祖

Thunderbolt Fist 霹靂拳

The New Shaolin Boxer 蔡李佛小子

The Vengeful Beauty 血芙蓉

The Iron Bodyguard 大刀王五

Shaolin Temple 少林寺


Diane said...

Wu xia has become a part of SB fans life due to the many interesting wu xia movies introduced to the movie goers in the 60s, 70s and early 80s era. Many of us were fascinated by the arts of self defence through quick actions, discipline and acuracy. Martial arts is not just the art of showing body strength, but also mental concentration to reach the highest level of perfection.

gordonofeast said...

Whoo ... these fighters are just oozing with fire and charisma and indeed the fighting scenes are sure to blow one's mind ... Awesome clip !!