Friday, November 21, 2008

486 K-POP : ‘ Single Daddy In Love ‘ - Part 6

A 2008 k-drama …

Single Daddy In Love ‘ -

Cast :

Oh Jin-ho as Pung-ho
Heo Yi-jae as Ha-ri
Kang Sung-yun as So-yi

Synopsis – ( Part 6 )

Pung-ho worked doubly hard to pay San’s medical fees. When he received a huge sum of money from So-yi who secretly delivered to him after she had heard of his financial problem, he felt offended and gatecrushed her press conference. Thus aroused Ha-ri’s suspicion about their relationship.

Once, So-yi invited Ha-ri and San for a meal. When she saw how intimated they were, she had a mixed feeling. Ha-ri too felt jealous when San showed his liking towards So-yi.

Then it was time for San to go for his therapy. When So-yi saw the pain in San, she felt guilt-ridden that she could not do anything for him. Her eyes at once glistened with tears. Ha-ri saw in her eyes and suspected something fishy…

( To be continued … )

1 comment:

Diane said...

Hari looks too matured for Pung Ho and So Yi too young for the professor. However, the storyline is simply wonderful no matter who played the role!