Monday, November 17, 2008

482 K-POP : ' Single Daddy In Love ' - Part 2

A 2008 k-drama …

Single Daddy In Love ‘ -
单亲爸爸 恋爱中

Cast :

Oh Jin-ho as Pung-ho
Heo Yi-jae as Ha-ri
Kang Sung-yun as So-yi

Synopsis – ( Part 2 )

Pung-ho lost his trust in women eversince his wife So-yi had abandoned him and his son seven years ago. He soon restored his faith in the fairer sex after he met Ha-ri. Just when things were going well, Pung-ho discovered his first love So-yi in a mall one day.

So-yi was then a renowned pianist. Many years ago, she knew she had a flair for music and wanted to succeed and be recognized. Owing to shortage of fund , she could not pursue her dream to study abroad as a pianist until she met a sponsor, an elderly renowned neurosurgeon Ki-seok. Thus she left her husband and her newly-born baby to fulfill her dream.

Pung-ho and So-yi finally met but they did not acknowledge each other. Pung-ho had to suppress his emotion for he had to win a boxing match. Never did he know that his new love’s father was Ki-seok who set to marry his ex-wife So-yi ……

( To be continued … )

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Andrea said...

Oh-oh…. Oh Jin Ho … lol … He is great and really good-looking .. lol … I started watching this drama because of Oh and surprisingly , this drama is more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Oh is doing exceptional well and this story of father and son has indeed touched my heart .. Oh-oh .....

Hey Lawrence, thank you for your synopsis .. How about some snap shots to go along with the next few synopsis ? .. hehe