Thursday, November 20, 2008

485 K-POP : ‘ Single Daddy In Love ‘ - Part 5

A 2008 k-drama …

Single Daddy In Love ‘ -

Cast :

Oh Jin-ho as Pung-ho
Heo Yi-jae as Ha-ri
Kang Sung-yun as So-yi

Synopsis – ( Part 5 )

The operation was a success. Pung-ho was ecstatic about the outcome but was troubled with the huge sum of San’s medical fees.

While in the hospital for therapy, San watched a sick child being pampered by his mum . He was envious of him and thought of Ha-ri. He called upon her who later sneaked in for a visit They had a wonderful time until Pung-ho’s arrival at the hospital.

Pung-ho was cold towards Ha-ri since their breakup. Ha-ri felt hurt deeply but continued to shower her love for him. Finally he bared his heart and they kissed on that very night at the beach. In a blink of an eye, Ha-ri matured with Pung-ho’s love …

( To be continued … )

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