Monday, November 17, 2008

481 K-POP : ' Single Daddy In Love ' - Part 1

A 2008 k-drama ...

Single Daddy In Love ‘ - 单亲爸爸 恋爱中

Cast :

Oh Jin-ho as Pung-ho
Heo Yi-jae as Ha-ri
Kang Sung-yun as So-yi

Synopsis – ( Part 1 )

Handsome single dad Pung-ho was a pest exterminator and an amateur boxer. Despite his little education and difficulties in life, he boldly faced the world armed with the love for his 7-year-old son San. Thus they were often seen smiling and optimistic about life …

One day, Pung-ho dashed to take his son to a school outing but crashed his car into a bike owned by a happy-go-lucky girl Ha-ri. The latter was a medical student. She was furious when she discovered her medical mannequin being destroyed. That was their first encounter.

Pung-ho and Ha-ri ‘s second encounter was on a train. Ha-ri had misplaced some documents on the train but fortunately, Pung-ho found them and traced them to Ha-ri at the Medical University. She was speechless with joy to retrieve her lost documents.

It was the third encounter that Ha-ri fell in love with Pung-ho when he was helping to care for a patient...

( To be continued ... )

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Diane said...

In der letzer Zeit bin ich über das koreanische TV drama verknallt. Viele von ihnen sind sehr interessant um zuzusehen, ich werde diesen Film kaufen, weil ich die Geschichte mag.

Lately, I'm crazy over K-drama TV series. Many of them are very interesting to watch. I will buy this one because I like the story.