Sunday, November 16, 2008

479 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ' Burn Phoenix Burn ' - 燃烧吧 ! 火鸟

Burn Phoenix Burn - 燃烧吧 ! 火鸟

Cast : Lin Ching-hsia , Lui Siew-ling , Liu Wen-zheng
Director : Liu Li-li


A young lady scarified her first love when she discovered her boy friend had a crush on her younger sister whom she was guilt-ridden of her loss of eyesight since childhood days. Years later, when she found her new love, her relationship with her new boy friend was again put to test when he saw her blind but beautiful sister …

燃烧吧火鸟 …林青霞 , 吕秀菱 , 刘文正


Rating : 3 stars of 5


Andrea said...

It's hard to be convinced that the young and handsome (Liu Wen Zheng) would fall in love with a blind gal (Lui Hsiu Ling) instead of her healthy and beautiful sister (Lin Ching Hsia) .. Ur... any thing is possible in Qiong Yao's fantasy ... hee

Diane said...

很多人认为爱是盲目的。在这部影片那位情人与被爱的女孩皃都比此是瞎的。为了同情而去爱一个人,或者为了内疚而爱, 这种爱情以我来看是不会兴福的。