Saturday, August 1, 2009

703 DRAMA : ‘Queen Of No Marriage‘ - 败犬女王

A 2009 Taiwan Top Drama Series ...

Queen Of No Marriage ‘ - 败

Cast : Ethan Ruan , Cheryl Yang


A touching tale about ‘True Love’ …

A 33-years-old single career woman Wu-shuang met a guy Lucas who was eight years her junior at a X’mas party. After several strange encounters, they soon had mutual feelings towards each other. However, owing to the great differences in their age gap and social status, Wu-shuang was hesitant to accept his love.

Once Wu-shang was humiliated at her ex-classmates gathering, Lucas came to help and confessed his love for her. Then, Wu-shuang ex-fiance Leslie turned up at the gathering. He left Wu-shuang six years ago on their engagement day without a reason and thus had caused much miseries to her for the whole six years…

When Lucas discovered the truth as why Leslie had left Wu-shuang, he tried to patch them up but in due course brought himself into misery as he was hopelessly devoted to her ….

败犬女王 - 阮经天 , 杨谨华

一單身,年過三十的雜志社女強人, 在一個聖誕節的慶功宴

撞上了一个小她八岁的打工达人, 开始了一段浪漫動人的

爱情 …

Rating / 评价 : 4 ½ stars of 5


gordonofeast said...

One of the best Taiwan drama! The plot is awesone and the chemistry between Ethan and Cheryl is great! Love it.

ngengthye said...

很不错的台湾偶像剧 ..