Sunday, August 2, 2009

704 K-pop : ‘ Strange Woman, Strange Man ’ - 奇男怪女 ( Part 01 )

A 2005~2006 Korea Top Drama Series …

Strange Woman, Strange Man ’ -

Cast :

Ko Joo Won as Suk Hyun
Kim Ah Joong as Jong Nam


Highlights of the touchy moments of the 130 episodes drama series…

Part 01 ~ ‘ Son Vs Mum ‘

Young and handsome Suk Hyun returned to Korea upon his graduation and took over his wealthy parents’ business . There he met Jong Nam, the adopted daughter of his widowed aunt and fell for her. However, Suk Hyun’s arrogant mother strongly opposed their relationship and thus led Suk Hyun to elope with Jong Nam. Suk’s mum desperately located their whereabout and eventually found them a few days later …

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