Monday, August 3, 2009

705 K-pop : ‘ Strange Woman, Strange Man ’ - 奇男怪女 ( Part 02 )

A 2005~2006 Korea Top drama Series …

Strange Woman, Strange Man ’ -

Cast :

Ko Joo Won as Suk Hyun
Kim Ah Joong as Jong Nam

Part 02 ~ ‘ Shock ! ‘

Despite their families’ objections, Suk Hyun and Jong Nam decided to cohabitate. Happy moments seems short when Suk Hyun was diagnosed with a termiinal disease and needed an immediate operation to replace his liver. He hid the truth from Jong Nam who had a few months pregnancy and his mum who had disowned him ..

Meanwhile Suk Hyun was shocked to learn that he was an abandoned child and his real mum was his Great Aunt. Since then he detested her....

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