Monday, July 27, 2009

700 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ Once More In The Evening ‘ - 又是黃昏

A ‘70s Joan Lins Classic

Once More In The Evening ‘ - 又是黃昏

Cast : Joan Lin , Chin Hsiang-lin
Director : Yang Dao


When her boyfriend Meng-hu went abroad to pursue his study and had no news, Ling-na thought he had no longer loved her. She met him many years later by a chance encounter but he was already a married man. After much clarifications, they realized that Ling’s mother had secretly intercepted all their earlier mails to stop their relationship …..

又是黃昏 … 林鳳嬌 , 秦祥林

玲娜因男友夢湖出國留學後得不到他的消息, 以為他不

愛她了。多年后俩人在见面,夢湖已经結婚. 之後俩人



Rating / 评价 : 3 stars of 5

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