Wednesday, December 31, 2008

512 DRAMA : ‘ Under The Canopy of Love ‘ - Part 6

An Award-Winning Hong Kong Serial …

Under The Canopy of Love ‘ - 天幕下的戀人

Cast :

Kevin Cheng as Alan
Bosco Wong as Li
Niki Chow as Shi

Synopsis – ( Part 6 )

Fan soon recovered. Immediately he made an official announcement that Li was his son and would be his successor, which was very much to Mrs Fan’s displeasure.

From a nameless security guard to a billionaire’s heir, Li soon became a ‘dream man’ of many single female colleagues in the mall. However, his feelings for Shi lingered. With Alan’s gone after the break-up, he plucked up his courage to reveal his feelings for her.

Shi was speechless with Li’s sudden confession. She gradually accepted him for his simplicity and honesty had reminded her of her old crush Alan. When she was invited to his cocktail party, she was again startled by Li’s marriage proposal …

( To be continued … )


Andrea said...

This is another highlight of the series. Bosco brought Niki to a ball and later asked if she could be his gf. Niki was then loss for words ...

Yes, both Bosco and Niki are cute together, but it's hard to accept that Niki not with Alan, they are indeed a perfect couple .

Stevyn said...

I wonder how would Niki choose between Alan and Bosco, one is her old crush whom she still has feeling with, one is her good friend who is honest and straight-forward and nice to her. I agree with Andrea, I prefer seeing Niki and Alan together, they are a perfect couple on screen.