Tuesday, December 30, 2008

509 DRAMA : ‘ Under The Canopy of Love ‘ - Part 5

An Award-Winning Hong Kong Serial …

Under The Canopy of Love ‘ - 天幕下的戀人

Cast :

Kevin Cheng as Alan
Bosco Wong as Li
Niki Chow as Shi

Synopsis – ( Part 5 )

When Fan suffered a heart attack, it was Li whom accompanied him to the hospital.

At the hospital corridor, Li paced up and down anxiously and restlessly. He recalled his first encounter with Fan at the mall’s car park where he had accidentally scratched Fan’s luxury car and was afraid to lose his job. Then he recalled how he had rejected Fan’s arrangement to be reassigned to a better position in the mall. Next, he recalled how the truth came as bombshell to him when Fan revealed that he was his father.

Li gnawed his fingernails in nervous dread until the doctor announced that Fan was saved. Meanwhile Mrs Fan saw these and suspected Li was Fan’s real son ...

( To be continued … )

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