Monday, December 29, 2008

508 DRAMA : ‘ Under The Canopy of Love ‘ - Part 4

An Award-Winning Hong Kong Serial …

Under The Canopy of Love ‘ - 天幕下的戀人

Cast :

Kevin Cheng as Alan
Bosco Wong as Li
Niki Chow as Shi

Synopsis – ( Part 4 )

When Alan reported to work on the next day, he learned that he was fired. He was furious about Mrs Fan’s actions, but Yun promised to help Alan achieve his career goals. She offered him a new job, to run the operation of a new mall in Singapore. Alan was hesitant to leave Hong Kong as he felt his gap with Shi had widened.

Likewise, Shi felt the gap too. She felt out of place each time she attended the business parties with Alan. She was also jealous of Yun whenever she was close to him. Finally she initiated a break-up. Crestfallen Alan flew to Singapore with Yun to start-up the new mall but entrusted Li to take good care of Shi on his behalf.

While the true identity of the ‘secret son’ remained a mystery, Fan suffered a sudden heart attack …

( To be continued … )


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lawrence said...

Hi FilmAsia,

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Andrea said...

It's sad for Kevin and Niki as there is always a third party (here it is Kevin's boss) who ruins their relationship. When Kevin is prepared to sacrife his career advancement to be with Niki, the latter doesn't want him to give up and initiated a break-up ... Haiz ... two broken hearts ...

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