Sunday, December 28, 2008

507 DRAMA : ‘ Under The Canopy of Love ‘ - Part 3

An Award-Winning Hong Kong Serial …

Under The Canopy of Love ‘ - 天幕下的戀人

Cast :

Kevin Cheng as Alan
Bosco Wong as Li
Niki Chow as Shi

Synopsis – ( Part 3 )

Li’s secret love for Shi did not affect Alan for his priority was to establish his career. His new superior Yun was a young and capable career woman. She recognized Alan’s potential and contributions towards the mall and soon appointed him to lead the department. Once they worked all night on a proposal and she was impressed by the latter’s thoughtfulness. She started to have a feel for him.

Meanwhile Shi sensed a change in Alan ever since his promotion and started to fear about their relationship.

Then there were rumors that the president of the corporation of the mall Fan had a long-lost son working in the mall. Once Alan had a meeting with Fan and thereafter, everyone started to gossip that he was the secret son. The rumors soon spread wide and far and reached the ears of Fan’s wife. In a rage, she fired Alan on the following day …

( To be continued … )


gordonofeast said...

I enjoyed Kevin's narration in this drama about the various issues such as the differences between rich and poor, the relationships between friends and colleagues, the complicated work environment ... They are so real that we do face them in our daily life. Kevin was pretty good but I am expecting more.

For a great romantic series, this is the one !

Andrea said...

'Canopy' was better than I had expected. It was light-hearted, sweet and cute. I love the romantic scenes between Kevin and Niki; they just had that real chemistry ..