Thursday, September 25, 2008

405 CREATIVE ARTWORKS : ' My Rebellious Son '

My creative artworks ...

for Shaw Brothers Classic ......

' My Rebellious Son ' - 小子有種

Cast : Fu Sheng , Huang Hsing-hsiu

Reference :

Movie Review @ Label 'shaw bros kung fu' , Post number 333


gordonofeast said...

awesome dude! awesome! you are simply genius!

Diane said...

Lawrence, you are again at your very creative moments! Very nice artwork, smiling Fu Sheng triplets! Thank you!

I love Fu Sheng's jovial and carefree attitude, the character the he always portrayed, but I really wonder if he was uncomplicated and optimistic in real life. His strikingly good looks melted many fans heart. Fu Sheng was a brilliant actor unfortunately he left us so early that we could just appreciate him through his movies now.

Priscillia said...

Hi Lawrence,

Nice artworks. Fu Sheng is cutez and the girl is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.