Wednesday, September 24, 2008

404 K-POP : ' Who Slept With Her '

A k-movie …

Who Slept With Her ‘

Cast : Kim Sa Rang, Ha Suk Jin, Lee Hyeok-Jae


A pretty and sexy trainee teacher came to a boys' school to teach French. She stunned many teenage students in puberty, as she was incredibly hot.

Three students were selected to prepare the annual school festival together with her and thus fantasized about her …

Meanwhile a discipline teacher resolved to protect the boys from the trainee teacher’s sexual charm. Once he saw a silhouette of a couple embracing and suspected the teacher. Thus he went to investigate to find out ‘ who slept with her ‘ …..

Rating : 4 stars of 5


Priscillia said...

This is a hilarious movie. It has an excellent twist that makes one follows closely as the movie cleverly unwraps it. The acting is good and the guy called 'Tae-yo' in this film is 'cool'. Heehee... I enjoyed this movie !

gordonofeast said...

yo, thiis movie is hot, hot actors/actresses including that policewoman in the video clip. lol.tae-yo is such a player … lol.

Diane said...

O la la, a movie of this kind would be considered x-rated, "sexplicit" in the 60s. I have to admit that this movie is quite bold and there are many scenes which I, as conservative as I am, consider not very appropriate for youngsters to watch and see. Although this movie is meant to bring laughter to the audience, there are parts that went a bit too far, just the title suggested something "immoral" for the audience's wild imagination.
Honestly speaking, This movie may be good and entertaining but I would rather prefer a clean cut comedy of yesteryear, where I could sit with anyone young or old and watch.

lawrence said...

Hi Diane,

This korean sex-movie is meant for audiences above 18 years old (I guess so) ... hehe... Well, watch this movie just for a good laugh; it's a unique entertaining comedy to-date !