Tuesday, September 23, 2008

401 STARBUZZ : Sylvia Chang in ' The Dream Of The Red Chamber '

Self-made posters ...

A Shaw Brothers Classic ...

' The Dream Of The Red Chamber 1977 '

- 金

Cast : Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia , Sylvia Chang , Michelle


yee1joyce said...


Thanks for your self made posters of Sylvia Chang in the 1977 SB version of "Dream of the Red Chamber". I really like both Sylvia Chang and Bridget Lin Ching Hsia from those Taiwan "wenyi" romance movies, wonder why Li Han Hsiang chose both of them to star in his pic. Don't get me wrong, both were great actresses but neither had acted previously in huangmei movies!

Sylvia unfortunately doesn't have the type of physical appearance (melancholy, frail) that is one aspect of portraying Lin Daiyu well. However, compared to the actress in Ivy and Chin Han's version "New Dream of the Red Chamber" Zhou Zhiming, Sylvia at least had some acting talents. Zhou although a very pretty young actress didn't do justice to the character. Lin's character wasn't the easiest to portray either.


Diane said...

Agree with Joyce about Silvia not having the melancholic flair like Betty Le Di, beside she looked toö healthy to play the frail Lin Dai Yu.
Brigitte overacted a little here trying to look silly and childish. But all in all the movie is okay.
I also wondered why director Li Han Hsiang didn't get a real man to play leading role, the same mistake that SB made by taking Ren Jie instead of Chuao Chuang or Yueh Hua.

Priscillia said...

Nice shots Lawrence. Sylvia Chang looks great. Thanks for sharing.